Democrats Offer Subdued Platform on Climate Change


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Just a warning: this is going to make you instantly ashamed of every home DIY project you’ve undertaken.

This year’s Democratic platform has more restrained positions on climate change than the 2008 platform. Recent surveys have shown that the debate over climate change is highly politically polarized.

The chatter over whether the Democrats erred by excluding “God” and Jerusalem from the original party platform (or whether they erred by reinserting them) is just beginning. The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg chalks it up to nothing more than some clever exploitation of neurosis. As far as most Jewish Americans are concerned, the incident isn’t likely to make much of a difference: only 4% of Jewish Americans say that Israel is the most important issue for their vote for president. But the debacle is already making its way into campaign ads.

Even though Bill Clinton’s DNC speech ran long (as they are wont to do), the former president was still able to average 2.2 cheers per minute. Although, if he had stuck to his prepared remarks he could probably have finished in half the time.

The Republicans pulled ads in two important states: Pennsylvania and Michigan.

Joe Biden has a weird relationship with his boss. Read more about it here.

And, if you’re in the mood for some celebrity gossip (it’s Friday, after all), this is apparently what happens when you give James Franco a “D”.

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