September, 2012

Abortion and Vote Choice Among the White Working Class


Despite the common refrain that white working-class voters are heavily influenced by cultural “wedge” issues like abortion, white college-educated Americans’ vote choice is actually more affected by their stance on this issue.

Could 2012 Look More like 2008?


Nate Silver calculates the probability that 2012 might actually resemble 2008. His conclusion? Obama now has a 20% chance of actually beating his 2008 margin in the popular vote.

Change and Continuity Among White Voters With No College Degrees


White voters with no college degree remain an important part of the GOP coalition, even as their numbers shrink.

Who Was Our Most Religious President?


Was Jimmy Carter the most religious president ever? And, if elected, would Mitt Romney take that title away?

NYC Public Schools Make Plan B Available to Girls


A pilot program in the New York City public schools is providing Plan B, a form of emergency contraception, to girls age 14 and older. Parents have been given the opportunity to opt their daughters out of the program, but few have done so.

What’s True About White Working Class Americans?


Test your knowledge of white working-class Americans with this quiz from the Nathan Cummings Foundation, based on the findings from PRRI’s recent survey.

Distrust of Mass Media at an All-Time High


The appointment of Salvadore Cordileone as Catholic Archbishop in the San Francisco Bay Area is raising some red flags for gay and lesbian Catholics.

Responses to “Beyond Guns and God: Understanding the Complexities of the White Working Class in America”


Last Thursday, September 20, we were honored to have Thomas B. Edsall, a professor of journalism at Columbia University and a contributor to the New York Times’ Campaign Stops blog, and John Sides, a professor of political science at the George Washington University and a co-founder of the political science blog, “The Monkey Cage,” speak on a panel as part of the release of the 2012 Race, Class, and Culture Survey. Both Edsall and Sides posted articles on their respective blogs which discuss “Beyond Guns and God: Understanding the Complexities of the White Working Class in America.”

State of Belief Radio


This weekend, Dr. Robert P. Jones appeared on State of Belief Radio to discuss the findings of “Beyond Guns and Gun: Understanding the Complexities of the White Working Class in America.”

Prominent Black Clergy Support Same-sex Marriage in Maryland


Prominent black clergy in Maryland are supporting a referendum in their state to legalize same-sex marriage. This shows, as Dr. Robert P. Jones wrote earlier this summer, that black voters are unlikely to abandon Obama over his support for the issue.

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