GOP Platform Includes Support for Ban on Shari’a Law


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Star Wars fans, place your pre-order for this.

The GOP platform will include a plank supporting a ban on the use of foreign law (including Shari’a, or Islamic law) in U.S. courtrooms. Only 14% of Americans, however, believe that American Muslims ultimately want to establish Shari’a or Islamic law as law of the land.

A new poll shows Barack Obama with a large lead over Mitt Romney among Hispanic Americans. Nevertheless, this crucial constituency seems less than excited about casting their votes in November. Earlier this summer, slightly more than half of Hispanic Americans said they were certain to vote (43%) or probably going to vote (12%).

Meanwhile, Hispanic evangelicals are becoming an increasingly powerful political force.

Most Americans who have heard of Paul Ryan’s plan to shift Medicare to a voucher system oppose the change, according to a new poll from Pew. A plurality of Americans also reported a negative opinion of Ryan as Romney’s choice for VP.

It’s not particularly scientific, but Amazon’s “Election Heat Map” provides a different – and intriguing – way of seeing red and blue America.

Want to drop the f-bomb? You’ll find yourself in good (rude?) company in Los Angeles.

Maybe nobody should vote, after all.

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