August, 2012

Attitudes Toward Romney’s Religious Beliefs


Using PRRI surveys, we take a look at Americans’ attitudes toward Mitt Romney’s religious beliefs.

RNC Speakers Ignore the Tea Party


Two words were conspicuously absent from the Republican National Convention’s prime-time hours: Tea Party.

Why Hasn’t Hurricane Isaac Led to Talk of Climate Change?


With Hurricane Isaac rolling through southern Louisiana while the Republican National Convention enters its last day, surprisingly few people are talking about climate change.

Will Romney Mention His Mormon Faith at the RNC?


In his acceptance speech tonight, will Mitt Romney talk about his Mormon faith?

The Risks and Rewards of Romney’s Faith Story


On Thursday night, Romney will accept the GOP’s nomination as the Republican presidential candidate. As Dr. Robert P. Jones pointed out earlier this week, Romney will need to talk about religion in his acceptance speech, but discussing his own Mormon faith could be a tricky business.

Do Presidential Candidates Need to Address Abortion?


Mitt Romney, who has been attempting to skirt questions about abortion in the wake of Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin’s controversial comments, declared that abortion is a matter for the courts, not the president.

Do the Rich Pay Too Little in Taxes?


According to a new poll, the wealthy are smarter and more hard-working, but also greedier and more dishonest.

Romney’s High-Wire Act on Religion at the Republican Convention


In his speech at the Republican National Convention, Romney will need to discuss his Mormon faith without delving into the specifics of Mormon theology.

Children Choose Atheist Summer Camp


Another sign that religious unaffiliation is taking root in America, especially among the younger generation: now children are going away to atheist summer camp.

Who Best Represents American Catholics?


This Friday, on NPR’s “Tell Me More,” Dr. Robert P. Jones discussed the Catholic vote. For the first time, both major political parties have Catholic vice presidential Catholics