April 2, 2012


Welcome to the Morning Buzz, PRRI’s morning dose of religion-related news with a shot of data – because what doesn’t liven up a morning round-up like some public opinion numbers? This. This is too much. Also, I know this is a joke, but I think it could really take off.

A new poll shows female voters abandoning the GOP in droves. For more on front-runner Mitt Romney’s trouble with this crucial demographic, check out our blog.

Romney and Rick Santorum both made their pitch to social conservatives in Wisconsin. And although Romney has led in recent polls, Santorum declared that he can still win because he believes in “acts of God.”

On Tuesday, Wisconsin voters can breathe a sigh of relief, because the slew of negative ads that have bombarded them for the past two weeks will finally subside. One can only imagine what the general election will be like. Maybe we’ll all just stop watching TV?

Politico reports that Republicans are retreating on gay marriage, an issue that used to be at the forefront of American politics. One likely reason for this is the dramatically shifting views on this issue particularly among younger Americans who are strongly in favor of same-sex marriage.

Meanwhile, the government is beginning a quest to define “subjective well-being” – in other words, happiness. Pollsters have been trying to gauge this for years, but with mixed success.

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