July, 2011

CNN: “Americans, Their Presidents and Religion”


Yesterday, PRRI’s CEO Dr. Robert P. Jones spoke with CNN Newsroom’s Kyra Phillips about the role of religion in the 2012 election. Dr. Jones highlighted key findings from our recent national survey, which casts light on the role that religion will play in the 2012 elections, and reveals some surprises that will affect the campaigns of both GOP presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama. Despite having very different […]

Elected officials’ Catholic dilemma on same-sex marriage


There’s been a lot of discussion following the legalization of same-sex marriage in New York about the Catholic Church and its role in debate. Here’s an excerpt from what our CEO Dr. Robert P. Jones had to say in a new post at the Washington Post: On Faith: It wouldn’t come as a shock if New York politicians are starting to sweat–not from the summer heat, but from worry about the […]