April, 2011

PRRI in the News: “For Catholics, Open Attitudes on Gay Issues”


Austin Considine posted a new article over at the New York Times today, in which he cites the portrait on Catholic attitudes on gay and lesbian issues we released last month. Check it out: Last month, the Public Religion Research Institute, a nonprofit group, reported that 74 percent of American Catholics surveyed supported the rights of same-sex couples to marry or form civil unions (43 percent and 31 percent, respectively). […]

“Fear, Fairness, & Fox News” at Duke


Here’s a new video from a March lecture that I gave at Duke University about our findings American attitudes towards Muslims and Islam.  Many thanks to Duke Student Affairs and particularly to Imam Abdullah Antepli, who was such a wonderful host. Look at my PowerPoint presentation from Duke here: Fear, Fairness, and Fox News: Forces shaping how the public thinks about Islam and American Muslims View more presentations from Public Religion […]

‘Choosing our words carefully’


This week our CEO Robert P. Jones talked about our research on civility in politics at a forum at Center for American Progress with Jim Kolbe, former Republican congressman from Arizona; James Zogby, president of Arab American Institute; Andrea Nill, immigration researcher-blogger at ThinkProgress; and Angela Kelley, vice-president for immigration policy and advocacy at the Center for American Progress. Take a minute to read his opening comments, click below to […]

The Tea Party, Planned Parenthood and religion’s hand in the shutdown showdown


Today over at Washington Post On Faith, our CEO Robert P. Jones laid out where he sees the Tea Party’s hand in the “shutdown showdown.” Find the full post here. The looming government shutdown—particularly because it involves a standoff over an additional Republican rider that would defund Planned Parenthood—is presenting the American public with a window into the real priorities of the tea party. The standoff is a call for […]