August, 2010

NYC Islamic Center and Mosque


As the debate over building a Muslim community center and mosque in lower Manhattan rages on, new research from Public Religion Research Institute shows that a majority of Americans (56%) say that the former site of the World Trade Center is ‘sacred ground,’ and 57% are opposed to allowing the proposed Islamic community center and mosque to be built two blocks away. However, three-in-four (76%) Americans—including majorities of religious groups across the spectrum—say they would support the building of a mosque in their own local community.

Analysis of Gay & Lesbian Issues Polling by Pew Research Center


Today PRRI hosted a discussion of our new report analyzing more than two decades of polling by Pew Research Center on attitudes about lesbian and gay people, related public policy issues, and religion. The new comprehensive report by PRRI reviews the entire history of polling by the Pew Research Center on the issue of homosexuality and gay rights since 1987.  It examines shifting public attitudes on same-sex marriage, civil unions, […]

Pew Report on 2008 Election Mirrors PRRI Findings


Wednesday the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life released an report, entitled Religion in the 2008 Presidential Election, that looks Kerry and Obama voters’ religious beliefs as reported in the 2004 and 2008 election exit polls.   Their findings show that President Obama garnered more support among some religiously affiliated Americans than John Kerry did in 2004, especially growing support among white evangelicals, black Protestants, other minority Protestants and those […]

Radio Show ‘To the Point’ Features PRRI’s Findings on Prop. 8


On April 5 Dr. Robert P. Jones was a guest on the nationally syndicated radio program To the Point’s show called “Prop 8 and Prop C: States Rights and Political Consequences” talking about the religious and social divides on the issue of same-sex marriage. Listen to the podcast of Dr. Jones’s interview here From the broadcast, Dr. Robert P. Jones: One of the surprising findings of the poll, that’s not […]

‘Moral and Religious Views’ and Proposition 8 – From Religion Dispatches Blog


This is an excerpt from a post on the Religious Dispatches blog by Dr. Robert P. Jones and Daniel Cox. At the center of the argument in the 136-page ruling that Chief Judge Vaughn R. Walker issued overturning Proposition 8 was the argument that “moral and religious views” alone are not a “rational basis” to deny same-sex couples the right to marry in California. A new major public opinion survey […]

Paper on ‘New Evangelicalism’ Cites PRRI Research


In a paper titled Searching for a New Story: The Possibility of a New Evangelical Movement in the U.S. published in the current Journal of Religion and Society, Paul Markham cites Public Religion Research Institute’s (PRRI) findings about the changing political landscape for evangelical Christians in the U.S. as well as Dr. Robert P. Jones’s book Progressive & Religious. The article explores the more politically moderate group of evangelicals that […]

The surprising religious divides on Proposition 8 – From CNN’s Belief Blog


This is an excerpt from our post on CNN’s Belief Blog. By Robert P. Jones and Daniel Cox, Special to CNN The ruling yesterday by U.S. District Court Chief Judge Vaughn R. Walker that Proposition 8 violates the constitution highlights the shifting attitudes in California and in the nation over the legality of same-sex marriage. A major public opinion survey released last month by our firm, Public Religion Research Institute, casts important light on […]

PRRI Puts Judge’s Calif. Prop. 8 Ruling in Context


The court ruling today that Prop. 8 is unconstitutional comes on the heels of a major PRRI survey showing that a similar ballot measure would not pass today. PRRI found that 51 percent of Californians would now vote to allow same-sex marriage. Additionally, only one-in-five Californians say that Proposition 8 is a “good thing” for the state. The statewide public opinion survey, conducted in June and released last month by […]