September, 2009

Taking Stock of Conservative and Progressive Religious Activists


In recent times, much has been written about faith-based politics in the United States, and religious activists are typically at the center of such stories. Activists are literally where the action is in politics-the people who write checks, stuff envelopes, knock on doors, blog, and demonstrate on behalf of causes deeply rooted in their religious values. Conservative religious activists, sometimes referred to as the “religious right” or the “Christian conservative […]

Four Ways to Judge Media Coverage of the “Values Voter Summit”


An event like the “Values Voters Summit” can present challenges to reporters and readers alike who want to accurately locate conservative religious activists in the context of American religion. But it also presents an opportunity. Here are four questions readers can use as tools to differentiate between reporting that critically distinguishes between rhetoric and reality, stereotype and complexity.

2009 Religious Conservative & Progressive Activist Surveys


First Ever Polls Comparing Conservative and Progressive Religious Activists Show Divergent Identities and Strategies, Common Commitment to Political Involvement (WASHINGTON, DC) New surveys conducted by leading researchers on religion and politics in America show the divergent ways conservative and progressive religious activists understand their religious identity, engage in politics, and prioritize issues. The 2009 Religious Activist Surveys were conducted by the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of […]