March, 2009

Christian Century highlights Clergy Voices Survey


Wanted to flag this article from The Christian Century covering Public Religion Research’s Mainline Protestant Clergy Voices Survey.  The full article is available here. Mainline called uncounted force for change by John Dart The White House has an oft-overlooked religious ally for solving the country’s social problems through greatly expanded government programs, if a new survey of senior pastors in mainline Protestant churches is a good indication…Though mainline Protestants, declining […]

Mainline Clergy: Diverse, Engaged and Democratic


Mainline Protestants make up nearly 1-in-5 American adults. In 2004, they accounted for nearly a quarter of the total electorate and split their vote between Bush and Kerry. Yet despite this they are too often ignored by much of the mainstream press. On March 6, Public Religion Research released the 2008 Clergy Voices Survey, the broadest survey of mainline clergy every conducted. The survey revealed levels of political engagement among […]