January, 2009

Come Let Us Reason Together: A Response to Critics of Evangelical/Progressive Initiative


Note: This article originally published at ReligionDispatches.org. Click here to read the full text. There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but they all come from the same Spirit. There are different ways to serve the same Lord, and we can each do different things…. If our bodies were only an eye, we couldn’t hear a thing. And if they were only an ear, we couldn’t smell a thing. But […]

The Beginning of the End of the Culture Wars: The Come Let Us Reason Together Governing Agenda


Yesterday, Public Religion Research President Dr. Robert P. Jones participated in a national press conference with leading Evangelical and progressive leaders to announce the Come Let us Reason Together Governing Agenda. The common ground agenda unites moderate evangelical leaders and progressives behind specific policy recommendations on abortion, gay rights, torture and immigration reform. The Governing agenda is the culmination of two years of work led by the progressive think tank Third Way, Evangelical […]